Monday, February 16, 2015

Grandma Pauline's song

   Sitting here, dirty, hungry and tired, I realize how blessed I truly am to get to serve God here in Uganda. Some may question my sanity or how long I have been out in the hot African sun. But after what I experienced today, there is no other way to say it except I am blessed to be chosen to work here. I'm not sure there are words to explain all that is going on in my heart.
    So why not come with me, as Justine and I take an afternoon to work in the village. As we leave the office don't forget your bag. You will need a bottle of clean water, hand sanitizer, scarf for your head on dusty roads, and a small bottle of scented lotion.
   Don't be afraid to ride on the taxi, even though it's only a small motorcycle (boda boda) and the driver doesn't seem too strong. We can easily fit 3 or 4 people if need be.You will soon see, boda bodas are the best way to get around on the footpaths in the village.
   Starting off the traffic is a bit thick as you pass businesses, markets, mosques, steeples and roadside stands selling everything from live chickens to building supplies.Soon the potholed paved road turns into a red dusty road that winds through the tea plantations and tiny villages with mud huts and tin roofs. 
   The ride is not long because we soon come to the village of Katuba where we hope to do most of our visiting today.  The primary school is our 1st stop and as we get off the boda boda it doesn't take long for you to be mobbed by a class of kindergartners. As you bend down to gather them into you arms, they touch your skin and hair with awe. They have never been so close to a muzungu or white person. A few are afraid. We try to teach the little ones, with big dark eyes, to play a game.
   Soon we are off to the next stop, walking this time. We are visiting a boy and his family that lost their father and husband 2 weeks ago to malaria. The boy is sober and the young mother seems to appreciate the small gifts of food we bring.
    We visit many. Praying with them, encouraging them in their trials, rejoicing with them in their joys. Many footpaths, many trails, many homes. And all these homes no matter how humble house a family. And all these families have needs, concerns, and cares. Can we point them to the Father who truly cares for them?
   One mother was full of joy and thankfulness for our prayers. We had visited her daughter weeks before when she could not walk due to swollen knees. Now her daughter, with a smile on her face, was walking just fine. Praise be to our Mighty Healer!
    Today, the face I remember glowing with joy was Grandma Pauline's.  We were visiting with her daughter and granddaughter who is a ROTOM care point child. Before we left, they wanted to know if we wanted to see Grandma Pauline, who is also sponsored by ROTOM. 
    We were led to a small room on the back of their mud house. It was not much bigger that her cot. Grandma
 Pauline woke from her nap and was excited to have visitors. She is blind in one and neither of her legs work. So she lives her life in bed. When Grandma Pauline realizes that one of her visitors is a muzungu, she is really excited. I take the bottle of scented lotion from my bag and begin massaging her hands. As we sat beside her bed, rubbing her hand and visiting with the family, Grandma Pauline enjoys all the attention.
   Before leaving, we asked if she would like to pray for us, but she chose to sing us a song instead. As she sang in her wavy, crackled voice, a beautiful smile began to spread across her face. She was almost glowing and it seemed that she was trying to dance, as she sang for us.  But really her song was not for us. My translator told me the song was about how good God was.
   It still brings tears to my eyes to realize Grandma Pauline's song was for a good God in heaven. With her one good eye and legs that couldn't work, she was giving Him praise. How much more should we, should I give Him praise.
     As we rode away from her home, Grandma Pauline was still singing His praises. And I too, am praising Him in my heart.  Aren't you glad that you came visiting with us today?  I hope you will come along again soon!

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